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Available for your 11″, 13″ or 15″ Macbook, please select in the drop-down menu. Each skin comes with the Apple Logo cutout in the skin to line up with the computer’s existing logo.

Let’s step back to the drawing board. One of the most important focus points in designing something like the MacBook is “how thin can we go?” Good question, but we have to admit they are doing a pretty darn good job. However, very rarely do you see the device without any protection. It seems the first thing we all want to do as our eye’s are glowing, holding the new gadget is to GO BUY PROTECTION, it’s a must, right? Well, let’s not go overboard. With a skin, you not only can add your own persona to it, but you can do it without sacrificing the thinness of the computer. Our skins are clean and simple. Slap one on to keep it from getting scratched without turning it into a brick. When you’re tired of it, just peel it off and WA-LA, you’re back to where you started from. If you would like the screen background, please email us.

    Our skins are not “stickers”. They are much more than that. Each skin is made from a high-quality vinyl that has “comply” technology to eliminate all air-bubble problems you would normally have when applying. This makes it nearly impossible to get an air pocket you can’t rub out. 

How it’s made:

After the skins are printed on the high-quality vinyl, they are run through a clear-lamination process. What does this do? This protects the graphic itself from scratches and print removal, allowing the skin to appear brand new for quite a while. After the lamination process, we then take it through our plotter that cuts the outline for you to peel from. 

When you’re ready to remove, just start at a corner and peel it off. It’s very simple and it doesn’t leave that sticky residue that a sticker would!

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